WHY J127?


Raise up an army of God who are grounded in the Word and moved by the Spirit; demonstrating the love and power of God so that people would know Jesus is Lord and Saviour.


Train and equip Christians who would use the J127 curriculum to bring children, to God by teaching them the Word, sharing His love through their own lives to bring about holistic well-being; and raising them up as the army of God.


In 2010, God led us to an unmet need of the orphans as they were unable to connect with the Bible. They knew the stories of the Bible and many have their favorite verses memorized but the missing piece was a heart connection with the Father in Heaven. This set us on a journey to find the answer to why? Months of research resulted in a solution- an exclusive curriculum which would speak in the lives of orphans and other children-at-risk. Would the curriculum work? We tested the curriculum with 300 orphans and children-at-risk across five cities. The test results were promising and reassuring. The caregivers at the orphanages noticed a marked change in the attitude and behavior of their children. They asked for a full curriculum for the children with them. That’s how the curriculum J127 was born!