Story of Basha


Basha was trafficked and abused sexually by men. Police found him in the dark corner of a streets, afraid and cowering in fear. They brought him to a Home for children run by a church.

In the beginning Basha did not show any sign of response. He was traumatized for a long time. It was difficult for the caretaker to engage with the young lad. The caregiver worried that he might affect other children at Home. Basha took time to recover and slowly began to respond to love and care he received at the Home. The Home had a J127 Club. He liked the days when club took place.  Children sang song and learnt new stories. The caregiver taught lessons through fun activities. He started to participate in the club. He made friends in the club.

Basha began to gain confidence. He gained health. He came out of his traumatic past. He started to show love and care to younger children at the home. Basha takes initiative in things and is growing with joy. The lessons of the curriculum and the compassion show by the teacher helped him regain his childhood. We praise God for the healing and the transformation in the young boy.