Update on Juana

Last night’s surgery seems to have been a great success!

They did a cornea regeneration operation, and used Juana’s own stem cells with a donated lens in one eye. The specialist who performed the surgery said he was very pleased, as he found even more healthy stem cells than expected! The miracles keep coming!

They have a follow up appointment this morning, and then drive back to Louisville.

Please continue to pray for Juana’s recovery. She needs them every day. Her eye needs to heal very well before she can go back to Guatemala with confidence. The same physical environment exists when she returns: blowing dust, smoke, etc.

We all love Juana so much, and want the weeks ahead to be full of healing, encouragement and excitement over the gifts God has given her…a heart that has been opened to truly see God through salvation, and an eye that will have vision she has not experienced in a very long time.

Can you imagine what it will be like when she clearly sees her daughter’s faces for the first time?

Thank you God. All glory to you!!!


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