God had a lot cooking during our stove builds today!

Posted by Rick & Tom Hello from Guatemala, Day 3. Today was filled with blessings again! The day started with seeing Fuego (volcano) reminding us he is still active! We spent the day building  stoves for two families. The first widow had 3 sons.  Isabelle struggles to get by to provide for her teen sons. […]

Jars of Clay

After our amazing day on Monday, it was hard to imagine it could be any better. But, we had a very special day building a home for Ursula, reconnecting with old friends and praising God with our Guatemalan brothers.  We started the day again with breakfast and our morning devotion led by Tom. We talked […]

Heartbreak, restoration and marriage

My body is tired, and as I begin to sit down to record today’s events, my eyes are beginning to fill with tears. It has been a day full of heartbreak, healing, restoration, joy and love. I almost don’t know where to begin. The events are actually so intertwined that it is difficult to separate […]

We made it

Well, after all the travels, we finally made it to Tecpan.  We are sitting down to our first dinner and it’s delicious. Scott and I had smooth travels on American.   Everything went great for Rick and Tom.  As we were driving away from the airport, Tom realized he left the wheelchair he brought to donate […]

Off to Guatemala

Well, we are off for Guatemala!!! All of the bags are ready, we are heading to the airport and can’t wait to be in Guatemala! Here is a quick run-down of our schedule: Saturday – Arrive in Guatemala and drive to Tecpan Sunday – Visit families in the morning / 3 weddings and church service […]

One more morning…

What a difference 24 hours will make… Sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated to wake up for work at 1:30 a.m. just to fly in the cold and snow.  I will not have that trouble tomorrow.  The anticipation for Guatemala will energize me to hit the ground running! My suitcase for work only changes with […]

50 lives will change

Exactly two weeks from today, we will be boarding our flights headed for Guatemala.  All of us are very excited. The outpouring of support we have gotten from family and friends has been amazing.  Actually, a miracle!!!  We set very realistic goals of projects to accomplish.  Through all of your generosity, we have blown the […]


In 2014, our group was blessed to study the Bible with men from Tecpan, Guatemala.  It was an awesome time of fellowship. The thing that blew me away from the beginning was when our Guatemalan brothers sang a song unknown to any of us.  I captured it on video, and have watched it many times.  […]

January in Guatemala…at 5000 feet

(posted by Rick) I recall my first winter J127 men’s mission trip like it was yesterday.   We flew out of FRIGID Iowa for the tropics.   Yes we are going south, but Tecpan sits in the mountains of Guatemala at 5000 ft elevation. The daytime starts out cool, requiring a sweatshirt.  But by noon the […]


One month from now, we’ll be driving up to this hotel in Tecpan, Guatemala…the “Don Pancho”. It will be our home away from home for seven days. The old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  It’s hard to tell from this sign what the hotel looks like.  Is it small?  Old?  Cheap?  […]