Full Circle

Posted by Rick – Day 6 It is so fun to see any process go full circle.  It is even more gratifying when you can experience Serving the Lord, and experiencing the beginning, middle, and end of the process:  full circle. This week we have seen a project that began in North Liberty, Iowa, come […]

We are all the same

Day 5 – Posted by Brad As the week goes on, the emotions begin to run deep. We have been spending all of our days seeing poverty, broken families and sickness. In every home we have visited, we try to boil things down to one thing…this life was not designed to be lived apart from […]

Where “giving” meets “needs”

Day 4 – Posted by Brad Have you ever heard the old saying, “Where the rubber meets the road”? I have always understood that to mean the moment of truth in a particular matter. You may say, or intend to do something, but this is where practice turns to action. Today was the day where […]

We don’t own our hearts

Why is it that we worry when we are given great opportunities?  Spoiler Alert…BIG waste of time. Today was our wheelchair distribution day, and last night I had a really hard time sleeping because of anxiety over it. Obviously it is a a huge deal to the folks receiving the chairs, and it is super […]

Tattoos, chickens and fellowship

Day 3 Today’s post will be from Scott Graves and then followed up by me (Brad) Posted by Scott: Tattoos Tattoos look like they really hurt, but I have to admit I have given up some space in my head debating about what sort of needle-imbedded ink message I would be willing to post on […]

Pushing Boundaries

Day 2 Posted by Brad Scott Graves said something really cool tonight at dinner, “I’ve been thinking about our group of men on the team.  I can’t figure out if we are like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, or a really cool tool box full of special items made by God…there’s just something really great, […]

Day 1 – Old friends and New

Our first day was full of travels, making new friends and visiting old ones.   Rick, Rich and Tommy headed from Iowa to Chicago last night to fly out on Delta.  Tom Ballinger drove from Wisconsin to meet up with them.  They all had so many supplies that they filled up twelve duffle bags.  It […]

The Night Before

The bags are packed, all the fundraising is done and we are all very excited.  Last night before we fly to Guatemala.  Waiting is the hardest part!!! It has already been an adventure, and we have not left the country.  Rick, Rich and Tommy left Iowa today to drive to Chicago.  They are meeting Tom […]


Posted by Brad We are ten days away from leaving for Guatemala. All of the planning is coming together, and we are very excited to get going. The waiting is always the hardest part! There are so many desperate needs in Guatemala. Hunger, poverty, lack of clean water, education…the list is quite long. The village […]

Serving in their own ways!

Posted by Rick The 8 of us will get on a plane very soon and fly to Guatemala.  Once in country, we will build a home, distribute 50 + wheelchairs, install many stoves, distribute food and clothes and find many other unexpected needs.    We will look in people’s eyes and see pain.   We […]