Story of Pradeep

Pradeep grew up experiencing suffering and oppression. 13 year old Pradeep lives in an orphanage where the children have gone through bad trauma and abuse. Pradeep was still a classic teen; goofing off with friends and playing games. Like any typical teen, chores especially those involving laundry ...

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Story of Priya

Priya’s cheeks burned with anger, she could no longer feel the pain of the bruises caused by her father’s beating over her hurt deep inside. At the age of 14 Priya could not bear the look at her friends as she was being beaten by her drunken father. She had finished all ...

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Story of Naveen

Naveen painfully witnessed his father kill his mother. Several years ago his father overpowered his mother, tied a rope around her neck and hung her. She died as he watched on. His father then ran from the house and has not been seen since. Raised by his grandmother, he was told daily...

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