Nothing, yet everything

From Brad Last night was very long for many of us on the team.  The winds blew extremely hard, and the hotel is not the most air-tight place.  God used that fact to break our hearts for the people in Guatemala.  Rick texted me this morning and said we needed to talk.  All he could […]

Scars from our choices

From Brad We live in a world where people think their choices only effect themselves.  We want to be left alone, and choose what makes us happy.  “You do your thing, and I’ll do mine”.  Sounds great, but it’s not true.  Our choices always affect someone else.  From politics, the way we drive our cars […]

Ingrid’s Choice

Ingrid’s Choice By Brad Sunday was our team’s first full day in Guatemala.  We started out with our daily devotional.  Tom has led our devotion time for the past few years.  He did a great job leading, and we finished off singing a Big Daddy Weave song.  Fortunately, we had the real song playing in […]

COJINETES “Bearings”

By Rick Today Tom and I had the unique privilege to spend the day working in the Bethel Ministries International wheelchair shop. What a Blessing! We set up stations with the seasoned wheelchair technicians. Tom with Marcos and me with Ruby.  Now Tom and I have had our hands on a lot of wheelchairs in […]

On our way

Well, the time has finally come to leave for Guatemala.  Five men from four states will be in Tecpan serving Jesus and the people of Guatemala. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make this trip a reality.  Through your generosity, we have many projects planned and fully funded.  We could not have […]

One week to go

Well, the journey to get to Guatemala is drawing to an end.  We have one week to go and we’ll be on our way!!! I want to thank everyone who has donated towards our projects.  I always tell the guys who go on the trip that fundraising is my least favorite thing, but absolutely necessary.  […]