It’s about the people

Final thoughts by Brad “It’s about the people” I have to say that this year’s trip to Guatemala was one of the best. So much was accomplished. The team worked great together from the very beginning. But, as with every year, I came back encouraged the most by the people we met and worked with […]

Reflections of Guatemala

Posted by Tommy Widmer After returning from our week in Guatemala, sorting through the experience leaves me with an assortment of thoughts and emotions. As a group we quickly bonded and worked together to accomplish the scheduled tasks set out for us. We were able to bring blessing and hope to the individuals and families […]

Humbled – Rick

Posted by Rick – Final Thoughts I am once again humbled as I reflect on this year’s mission trip to Guatemala. My 6th trip to Serve alongside Bethel Ministries.   6,  REALLY?    I chuckle when I realize that prior to 2011 I would have been hard pressed to tell you exactly where Guatemala was on a […]

Seven billion people on a spinning ball

Posted by Tom Ballinger   Nicknames: Some earned, some carried over, and some self–proclaimed; none the less they can provide some levity and contribute to the fellowship experienced by a random group of eight men on a Mission Trip. (They can also be handy when the eight include two Brads, two Toms, two other guys […]

Lo mismo – Scott

Posted by Scott – Final Thoughts It generally takes a week or so to get back into the regular groove of life once you go on a successful mission trip. Yes, it is an adventure when it is to a foreign place, but it is also a time when your mind and heart get stuffed […]

Home on the Range

Posted by Rick I woke up this morning with a part of the song Home on the Range in my head.  Random , yes.  (That’s how my brain works).  But as I thought about it….I think I know how it fits….the two lines somewhat correlate with the week….. “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,And […]

Back from the dead

Posted by Brad – Day 6 This picture of the little baby crying says it all! This is how we are all feeling inside now that it is almost time for us to leave Guatemala. It has been a really special week. The team has worked so well together. I have enjoyed every moment of […]

Full Circle

Posted by Rick – Day 6 It is so fun to see any process go full circle.  It is even more gratifying when you can experience Serving the Lord, and experiencing the beginning, middle, and end of the process:  full circle. This week we have seen a project that began in North Liberty, Iowa, come […]

We are all the same

Day 5 – Posted by Brad As the week goes on, the emotions begin to run deep. We have been spending all of our days seeing poverty, broken families and sickness. In every home we have visited, we try to boil things down to one thing…this life was not designed to be lived apart from […]

Where “giving” meets “needs”

Day 4 – Posted by Brad Have you ever heard the old saying, “Where the rubber meets the road”? I have always understood that to mean the moment of truth in a particular matter. You may say, or intend to do something, but this is where practice turns to action. Today was the day where […]