The Night Before

The bags are packed, all the fundraising is done and we are all very excited.  Last night before we fly to Guatemala.  Waiting is the hardest part!!!

It has already been an adventure, and we have not left the country. 

Rick, Rich and Tommy left Iowa today to drive to Chicago.  They are meeting Tom up there to fly out together in the morning.  Oh, what we will do for cheaper airfare!

Scott and I are both leaving from Louisville and we will meet Gale in Miami.

Brad Clay drove to St. Louis from Oklahoma to speak to 350 men at a Wild Game  Feed event.  He's going to be tired before we even get there.

It brings up an excellent point...we need your prayers.  We need prayer for our physical strength.  Being in Guatemala is so much fun, but it can take a high physical toll.  We literally use 100% of everything we have while there.  We MUST rely on God's strength to keep us going. Pray for Chris Mooney as well.

Most of all, pray for all the people God will bring into our paths this week.  From the people at the airports, to the people we will work with in Tecpan...all of them have been drawn by the Father.  There are no chance meetings.  God doesn't deal through "chance"...He deals through His "Will" and His "Spirit" to make it all come together.

I cannot thank everyone enough who has financially donated to our cause.  You blew us away with your generosity.  I am humbled and a little embarrassed.  I always look at the large amount we have to fund raise for and am a little intimidated.  Asking friends and family for money is extremely hard for me.  We all struggle to do it, but it is something we MUST do.  I always look back and am amazed at how generous all of you are.  Thank you so much.  We had the funds donated to purchase 51 blankets by so many amazing people in Louisville.  You will be providing so many people with warmth at night.  All of our projects are fully funded.  So many amazing things will be accomplished.

Most of all, God will be praised and will receive all the glory by what occurs over the next seven days.  I am thankful to be His child, and have the privilege of serving in Guatemala. 

Thank you for walking through all of this with us.  Please check the blog every morning starting on Monday.  I am usually up late at night writing the blog for the day.  It will be a great way to start your morning drinking coffee and hearing what is going on.  I just pray the Internet is working at the hotel.  But, that's another story!!!

Dios Te Bendiga,


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