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We are less than 30 days from our next trip to Guatemala.  Tom Widmer and I just manned a booth "Mission Central" at our church yesterday to talk with people and raise awareness.  I thought I would share some thoughts about how so many pieces fit together for Guatemala from Iowa.
One of the things I especially enjoy regarding my trips to serve in Guatemala is when I'm back home, sharing about the experience.   Sharing how we experienced God working in so many ways!  Always hoping that possibly others can share in a similar excitement when and if they also go on a similar mission trip.   Or possibly some may share in the experience by participating here.
To help my church share in our trip, Tommy Widmer and I scheduled a  food packaging event.   Bethel Ministries International has been distributing Kids Against Hunger food packets for many years.  The highly nutritional meals save lives!
On November 1, after church, we hosted the event.  We set up 3 lines to package the food, in 2 shifts.  In the course of a couple hours, dozens of eager volunteers packaged around 12,000 meals!    It was a fun event.   Annette and I also prepared a crock pot of the meals to share with the workers.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was!   We also had our photo boards up to share photos and stories of our past trips SERVING in Guatemala.   It was a good day!
As Paul Harvey used to say...."the rest of the story" goes like this.   The pallet of KAH food (that Grace Community Church in North Liberty Iowa packaged on November 1) was on its way to Guatemala a week later!   We scheduled the packaging event just so it could be loaded on the November 16th container that Mission: Mobility shipped from Wayland Iowa!   100+ wheelchairs and a lot of other equipment was shipped with the food!   The container is actually in port as I write this.   To be unloaded this week.  
Tommy and I are excited to be able to physically hand out the food that our church back in Iowa packaged.  Those volunteers actively are participating with us, with their efforts 2 months prior.  How cool!    The recipients it will be very grateful!   They won't know where our church, or even Iowa is.   They really won't care.   What they do KNOW, is that the food was provided by the Lord!
Another bonus on packaging day, is that Tom Ballinger from Wisconsin, who also is a member of the January team, was there with his wife to help!   Tom and Mary came down for the weekend, bringing his trailer FILLED with wheelchairs for the Mission: Mobility container.  
Tom and his new trailer he christened "the Limburger express"

Tom and his new trailer he christened "the Limburger express"


Tommy Widmer, Tom Ballinger and Rick Fulton

Tommy Widmer, Tom Ballinger and Rick Fulton

It was another good day!

Today, Tommy, Annette and I hosted a table in our church foyer at "Mission Central."   We shared with many folks about our upcoming trip.  We had several folks who wanted to help.  I spoke with one guy who a couple weeks ago had been at a big auction and bought some used wheelchairs to donate to Mission:Mobility.   Another couple made a generous donation to sponsor an ONIL Stove.  Another said they had a case of backpacks that they wanted to donate.  Others are planning to collect shoes between now and our departure.  We still have a ways to go in our fundraising, but I am confident that we will have some last minute donations.

It's all coming together!   

In less than a month we will be "in- country ".  We will have that excitement of "what does God have planned for us this week?"
I can't wait!
Dios te Bendiga
Rick Fulton
a.k.a. Ricardo, a.k.a. Pollo Loco ( the crazy chicken) 
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