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Posted by Rick - Day 6

It is so fun to see any process go full circle.  It is even more gratifying when you can experience Serving the Lord, and experiencing the beginning, middle, and end of the process:  full circle.

This week we have seen a project that began in North Liberty, Iowa, come to its completion in Guatemala!

On November 2, Grace Community Church members spent an afternoon in the church gym packaging Kids Against Hunger food packets.

On November 16, this pallet of food packets was loaded on a 40 ft shipping container, bound for Guatemala.  The container was also filled with 3 more pallets of KAH food packets sponsored by ON HIS PATH.  The container was also FILLED with wheelchairs , walkers, canes and crutches collected by Mission: Mobility. The shipping was generously sponsored by ON HIS PATH.

The container was on a semi.  It traveled to Chicago, where it was placed on a train and traveled to New Jersey.  Once at port, it went through customs, and was loaded on a container ship.  The ship traveled to port in Guatemala, was offloaded, and then sat in the customs clearing yard.  (For a week or two).  It was then pulled by semi to the front door of its destination, Bethel Ministries International in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  Here it was unloaded and stored in their warehouse.  The wheelchairs will now be restored and customized and prepared for distribution.  The food,  distributed by visiting mission teams.

Tommy Widmer and I have the AMAZING blessing to be able to help facilitate the Grace project coming Full Circle. We were a part of our church family event of the packaging in our church gym.  Tom Ballinger happened to be visiting me that weekend, and joined in.

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The container actually was just unloaded this week.  It arrived at Bethel's doorstep Tuesday, this week.  The photo by the pallets was taken Sunday, January 31 wen we arrived in Guatemala.  Talk about God's timing!

As we progress through the week, it has been so amazing to show our church family how they tangibly serve!    So many times we (gladly and humbly) serve, not ever physically seeing or experiencing the end result.  We don't expect to.  We put it in God's hands.  However, in this instance,  we are BLESSED to see it come FULL CIRCLE!  PRAISE GOD!

Matthew 25:35
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me

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