Eight is Great!

I have some terrific news.  We have one more member to add to our January team.  Please welcome Brad Clay.  This is getting a little complicated.  We now have two Toms and two Brads.  This is a first!  Tom in Iowa also goes by Tommy, so we can plan on calling him that.  We still need to figure something out about the Brads 🙂
So, here is our final team count:
  • Iowa - 3
  • Wisconsin - 1
  • Ohio - 1
  • Oklahoma - 1
  • Indiana - 1
  • Kentucky - 1
This will be Brad's first trip to work with Chris and Donna in Guatemala.  I am excited for him to see it first hand.
You can learn more about Brad's personal ministry at www.finaldescentoutdoors.com and www.asyouaregoing.com
I am so excited to have Brad going for many reasons.  First, we have never had an Okie go with us.  Second, he brings a lot of experience from his missions history.  Third, his gift of capturing the heart of missions on video will be a wonderful addition.  We have never had this before, so I know it will be a gift to capture the passion of sharing Jesus in Guatemala.
We are almost one month out from our trip.  We still have A LOT of fundraising to do.  If you are in the position to help at all, please donate.  We can't accomplish our goals without the funds!


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