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We are ten days away from leaving for Guatemala. All of the planning is coming together, and we are very excited to get going. The waiting is always the hardest part!

There are so many desperate needs in Guatemala. Hunger, poverty, lack of clean water, education…the list is quite long. The village we will be working in sits around 7,000 feet in elevation. Most of the families we will visit are led by widowed or abandoned women who are doing the best they can for their children. But, there is simply not enough opportunity for them to earn a suitable income to meet their basic needs. They typically live in make-shift shacks that are extremely drafty and have dirt floors. The temperature at night can drop to around 40-degrees with strong winds. I have written before about how it’s the equivalent of leaving your windows open in your kid’s bedrooms at night and trying to go to sleep. Many children sleep on the dirt floor at night with virtually nothing to cover themselves. Most go to sleep with no food and no warmth.

Last year, we decided to try and help as many families as we could by purchasing thick winter blankets in a nearby market. Each blanket was $15 dollars and they were in the colors of the local people groups. We were not too sure how well they would be received. We were blown away at how excited these families were.

We went to install a wood-burning stove in one home where the dad was an alcoholic and only returned home on occasion. The mom’s name was Marta, and she had four young children. She was very excited when we finished installing the stove as this meant her children would not have to breathe the smoke in their lungs all the time. Then, one of our team members “Tom” handed her one of the blankets. She began to cry as she hugged Tom. Of all the things we could do, this simple gesture, to provide warmth for her family, meant the most. She was so grateful!

Over the next few days, we saw the same reaction from many families. The ability to keep their children warm at night was now a reality. Their homes were still completely inadequate, but these blankets were going to help tremendously.

We need your help in raising the funds for these blankets. Our goal is to give at least thirty blankets. We would like to give more if possible. Several of you have already helped. Would you consider spreading the word to your friends and family members?

Each blanket is $15. If you make your check to “Bethel Ministries”, you will receive 501c3 tax-credit for the donation. You can also go to our GoFundMe page and make a donation as well. In the notes section, just put “blankets” and we will make sure the funds are used towards that project.

We leave on January 31st, so please help spread the word quickly. Thank you for helping us meet the needs in Guatemala.

You can email me for the mailing address or go to the GoFundMe site.

Your gifts truly make a difference.

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