It’s Not My Problem!

Final thoughts by Brad Have you ever pretended to NOT hear someone, and then keep going? Maybe they even call to you again, but with the same result…you just keep ignoring them? How did it turn out? Typically, they finally catch up to you, and then you say, “Oh, sorry…I didn’t hear you”. Why do […]

Cornucopia – Rick’s Final Thoughts

Webster’s dictionary defines Cornucopia as “an abundance”. I envision a cornucopia as a basket overflowing with fruit. The 2015 J127 winter mission trip to Tecpan seemed like a cornucopia to me.     We saw an ABUNDANCE of fruit. Brad started this vision of revisiting and reinvesting in a community 7 years ago. This year was the […]

Our Neighborhood – Scott’s Final Thoughts

  Final thoughts – Scott We have been home for a week now and have had time to get back into familiar routines. Our clothes are clean, and we have worked out most of the “bugs” we had in our system. As with all great adventures, it continues to impact us in unanticipated ways, long […]

Education needs from trip

We all made it back from the trip safely. It is always great to come home to our families and spend time with them. The hugs from them feel so good. There are so many stories to tell, and pictures to see. Life back to normal? Quite honestly, it takes a while to decompress and […]