One more morning…

What a difference 24 hours will make...

Sometimes it's difficult to get motivated to wake up for work at 1:30 a.m. just to fly in the cold and snow.  I will not have that trouble tomorrow.  The anticipation for Guatemala will energize me to hit the ground running!

My suitcase for work only changes with the I pack more jeans or shorts for the layover.  In Guatemala, we are each packing 3 bags filled with things that are not even for ourselves.  The excitement we will enjoy seeing the families receive these gifts will be priceless!

All four of us will drive separately to the airports.  It will be the last time any of us are behind the wheel for a week.  Chris Mooney will be our reliable transportation during our week.

I typically have to pre-flight the airplane or walk around in the snow to inspect it before flying.  Tomorrow, we will be sitting in the cabin talking about the cool things we know God will do in our time in Tecpan.  Once in the air, there will be time to sleep, as well as our morning Bible reading. The descent into Guatemala is one of my favorite parts.  On one side you see the beauty of the volcanoes created by the hands of God.  On the other, you see the poverty in the homes built where no human should live...on the side of cliffs, just level enough to put a few pieces of metal and plastic.

This trip is always full of contrast.  The life we live here in America, and the one we experience in Guatemala.  We will miss our families so much; but, we get to see the people we have come to love in Tecpan.  All of us are excited beyond imagination.


24 hours!


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