Meet the Family

Meet the Cujcuj Family!

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Ursula is 41 years old, and has been a widow for 4 years now. Her husband was an alcoholic who never took responsibility for them.

She has 6 children:

  1. Reyna Claribel is 21 years old (works in the fields).
  2. Armando is 15 years old (works in the fields).
  3. Merida is 12 years old and in 3rd grade.
  4. Miguel Angel is 9 years old and in 1st grade.
  5. Luis Fernando is 8 years old and in 1st grade.
  6. Nery is 5 years old.

Ursula works in the field cutting strawberries, and makes around $65.00 a month ($2 per/day when she works all week). Reyna and Armando are working in the field to help their mother with expenses.

Before her husband passed away, he took a loan, but never paid it back. Ursula started to pay this loan, but was not able to pay it off, and she lost the land where they were living. Currently, they are renting. Life for this family has not been easy, the money that Ursula earns isn't enough for their living expenses, with the rent taking a large portion of it.

The land where we can build belongs to her son-in-law, but he will let them build and live there.

This family is in desperate need.  We will be building a house for all 6 to live in, which will include the following items:

  • House (20'x20' Metal) - $2300
  • ONIL Stove - $200
  • Bunk Beds for 6 people (2 @ $200) - $400
  • Wardrobe dresser - $165
  • Pila (Sink) - $60
  • Bathroom - $300
  • Table/chairs - $150
  • Utensils/Pots/Pans - $50

Total Cost - $3,625

We truly need your help to meet these needs.  There are many other goals that we still need help with as well. 

To see the full list, along with videos, please click here.

If you can help with any of these financial needs, please contact me.

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