God had a lot cooking during our stove builds today!

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Hello from Guatemala, Day 3.
Today was filled with blessings again!
The day started with seeing Fuego (volcano) reminding us he is still active!

We spent the day building  stoves for two families.

The first widow had 3 sons.  Isabelle struggles to get by to provide for her teen sons.


One awesome point  with her was when she said that Eltevina (from yesterday)  brought her back to Christ!  Eltevina had told us that she tried to evangelize whenever she could.  Point proven.



The best quote of the day was after we replaced her barrel stove with a new Onil stove.....and after we gave  her 2 weeks worth of food.....there was a bible presented to her.  She said "this Bible is the greatest of all your gifts!"


We then went to the home of Wilma and Sebastian to build a stove.      We met Sebastian last night at Bible Study.   He shared with the group that they had felt an evil presence for several nights.  In response, the men of the Bible Study prayed passionately over Sebastian for his family.   We had no idea we were going to his home today to build a stove.

We asked how their night went.  They JOYFULLY reported that the PRAYERS  WERE ANSWERED!   They had a good night!

Next we built their stove,  distributed shoes and clothes to their two adorable sons!

We then prayed with the family, intending to pray over them and their home.  Prayers for peace and prosperity.   Sebastian's brother Edwin was present during this prayer time.   Chris was drawn to him, he knew not why.  The discussion uncovered the boy was far from  the Lord and hurting.  After a discussion of salvation, Chris  felt called to wash Edwin's feet.  Afterwhich, Edwin accepted Christ!  It was very moving.   (Chris said he had never felt led to wash feet at a home visit)

Along with the food, we gave the family a nice new warm blanket to help in the cold nights.

Wilma shared with us how she accepted the Lord when she was 7.  The only one in her family to do so.    When she was 12, her mother lost her vision.    Wilma convinced her mother to go to church with her.     As a result of prayer,  her sight was miraculously restored.     Other members of the family became Believers as a result.  With the exception of her father and 2 brothers.   Wilma asked for prayers for their hearts to be softened.


At dinner tonight,  at our evening "debriefing",   Chris wanted to share something that we felt very important to share with all of you.

He said that so many amazing things are occurring on this Mission Trip in Tecpan, this week.    Fantastic events are occurring that he has never experienced.   He KNOWS it is a direct result of the MANY PRAYERS being lifted over this team from so many of you back in the  States.     We sincerely thank you for that!

We continue to ask for your prayers for safety and good health.  (everyone is going GREAT SO FAR)

It's late, and we need to get some sleep.   (the Guatemalan coffee is wearing off)

We are excited to see what God has planned for us tomorrow!

Dios te Bendiga

Ricardo and Tomas

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