50 lives will change

Exactly two weeks from today, we will be boarding our flights headed for Guatemala.  All of us are very excited.

The outpouring of support we have gotten from family and friends has been amazing.  Actually, a miracle!!!  We set very realistic goals of projects to accomplish.  Through all of your generosity, we have blown the lid off of our goals!!!

We originally thought we would give 20 wheelchairs on our trip.  Because of all the support we have raised, we had a good problem...what else could we do with the extra money.  I asked Chris Mooney from Bethel what other project we could help with.  He told me that instead of giving 20 wheelchairs, why not 50!  Two things in America have to happen for someone in Guatemala to be blessed with a wheelchair.  First, someone has to donate the actual used wheelchair we send down through Mission Mobility.  Second, someone has to donate the funds to sponsor the chair to be refurbished and then given by Bethel through a mission team like ours.  We have felt privileged to be associated with Mission Mobility in collecting the chairs from hospitals and nursing homes in our local communities.  It feels like an even bigger privilege to be able to go to Guatemala and give the wheelchair to the person.

We have seen God work so amazing things in our preparation for this trip.  Thank you for being a part of that process.  50 lives will be changed through the gift of mobility.  So many others will be changed through our other projects.  May all of their hearts be changed through the power of Jesus Christ.  May God receive ALL the glory!

Dios te Bendiga,


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