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Today we installed a stove for Matilda´s family.  She is a 63 years old mom.  She has had a very hard life.  In spite of that, she walked around praising God for His blessings in her life.  She has two daughters.  Her husband died in 2009.   At the time of his passing, he was paying for his daughters to go to school.  But, after his death, the mom could not afford to send them.  In addition, 13 years ago, a local family abandoned their son.  Matilda took him in, though I don´t think they adopted him.  They made a decision to have the girls work to pay for the young man´s education. So, both girls sacrificed their education to help their brother.

The oldest daughter is getting married, but the 24 year old desperately wants to continue in school.  She works 5 days a week cleaning homes.  She makes enough money to help her family, but cannot afford school.  This is where we desperately need your help.

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Iliana is 24 years old and has 3 years to finish high school.  She is in a trade school learning to become an accountant.  When we spoke to her, I asked her what she dreamed of doing in life.  I saw a look in her eyes that reminded me of Juana.  We often asked her what she dreamed of doing in Guatemala.  She had never been able to dream.  It´s just not something people in Guatemala can do.  They are told to put their dreams aside.  Life is so difficult.  They barely have enough money to eat.  Dreams are too much.

But, Chris Mooney persisted.  He told the story of a young pastor who had a difficult family life growing up.  He worked hard, and dreamed of finishing school.  That was pastor Juan.  The tears began to flow from Iliana´s eyes.  You can see what going to school means to her.  We discovered that she has gotten very good grades in her time in school.  She is so close.  I want her to get her diploma.

We need someone to help!  High School costs $50 a month to sponsor through Bethel.  We have given her shoes and a backpack, but she needs someone to come along side and make her dreams come true.  My heart breaks for her.  I hope someone reading this can commit to help her.  Only three years to go.  The reality is that if she does not get her diploma, her options in life are almost zero.  The cycle of poverty will continue.

Email me if you can help

Please open your heart to Iliana.


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