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I wear many hats.   I have always liked to wear caps.   When I was a kid  it tended to drive my mom crazy that I always wore caps.  Now as an adult, I continue to wear many hats, both physically and metaphorically.

1.  Farming

I am a farmer.  Farmers tend to wear seed hats, feed hats, equipment hats.  The purpose, keep the sun off your face  for shade and protection.


2. Insurance

I own and operate a small insurance agency, thus my second hat.

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3. Volunteer

My third hat is being a volunteer in the Medical equipment drive that collects and sends wheelchairs and equipment to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala and is supported by On His Path. www.onhispath.com


Greg Laber and family helping load chairs in Vermont


Rick and John Mitchell (Founder of “On His Path”)


My involvement with the equipment collection truly was answer to prayer.

(Reference January 10 blogpost “Answering the Call to Serve”)

For by grace are ye are saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. (Ephesians 2:8, 9 KJV)

This has always been a favorite scripture of mine.  It is comforting to KNOW that I have been saved by GRACE!   The next part is often confused by many.    Even though it says it in black and white….Many see this as we are saved by Grace BY our good works.

But in reality we ARE save by Grace FOR works.

I am truly thankful for the wheelchair ministry and the Salvation that has directed me toward doing the WORKS in this ministry!

As we prayerfully prepare for our return in January to Guatemala as the J127 team, we appreciate any support.

Ways you can help

Prayer support is # 1.    Please pray that our team is fully assembled.  Whether 2 or 8,  let it be a group of men who are willing to serve HIM, the Bethel team, Pastor Juan, and the people of Tecpan.

Another way to support is to help with physical donations.   backpacks,  school supplies, black shoes, Hotwheels toys,  stocking hats, gloves……anything that we can put in checked baggage to distribute.

A third way is with monetary donations.    As always the members of the team have covered their trip expenses.   Any donations will allow additional projects to be completed. If you feel led to help contribute,  here is an idea of project costs.

Currently we are scheduled for a 20 wheelchair distribution.  1 wheelchair is $125

1 – house build.   A home costs $2,800

4 – “kitchen” additions.   An Onil stove is $200 and the structure is $100.

15 – Food bags.   A bag of food will last a family 1 week.  $50

If you feel so led to participate with us through monetary donations,  you may donate any amount that can be applied toward any of these projects.  Any monetary donations are tax deductible.   As you are doing your year end tax planning,  please prayerfully consider supporting Bethel.

Back to the hats…….

Would you consider joining me in wearing a Bethel Ministries hat?

We have designed these hats to help advertise our mission in the wheelchair collections.   I love Brad’s design of the cross wheel ,   it says it all………the Gospel is the Center of Bethel’s wheelchair ministry.  Dios te Bendiga is Spanish for “God bless you”.


As a fundraiser we are offering these hats in appreciation of monetary donations of $20 or more.

If you are interested,  let us know.

Thank you for following J127.org!


Dios te Bendiga


(Rick Fulton)

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