The wheels on the bus go 'round-and-round'

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The wheels on the bus go round-and-round…

Does anyone have the keys to this bus?

We leave for Guatemala in 81 days.  I know that may seem like a long time…but it’s NOT!!!  Between preparations for, and enjoyment of Thanksgiving and Christmas, those days are going to absolutely fly by. Don’t get me wrong.  I am going to enjoy every day with my family during my favorite time of the year.  But, I am so excited that January 26th is rapidly moving closer.

Our team of men has been growing since we started planning the trip.  I love seeing how God builds the team every year.  As of now, it looks like we are going to have six men traveling: four are returning, and two are new.  It is always exciting to watch people’s lives transformed in Guatemala.  I remember my first year traveling down to Guatemala to work with Bethel.  I had no idea what to expect.  I could visualize the projects they said we would work on.  But, until I actually got there, it seemed somewhat distant.   I know it will be that same way for the new men in the group.  Quite honestly, it is still like that for me as well.  Every year is new.  New projects, new people, new ways the Holy Spirit uses us for God’s Glory!  You leave the USA excited to see how we can bring Him Glory.  As the week progresses, you literally see the fire growing stronger in each man’s heart and soul.  By the end, you have a group of men ready to go wherever the Spirit leads.

I will make a quick plea for your help in raising funds for our projects.  We will be doing a 50 wheelchair distribution for the disabled, building a house, installing stoves, and distributing food and clothes.  All of these projects require funds.  We truly need the help of friends like you. If you are in the position to help in any way, please email me at

I once heard someone try to characterize the life of a Christian as dull, boring and predictable.  When you have been born again and truly make yourself available for the purposes of God, nothing could be further from the truth.  As I have mentioned in an earlier post, it is just as C.S. Lewis described in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, “further up and further in!”  The more of yourself you give, the more He uses your heart, hands and feet.  Before you know it, the wheels are moving ahead in such a way that you couldn’t stop the bus, even if you wanted to…and I certainly never want this to stop! It starts with a little, and grows into so much more.  Thank you God for allowing us to be useful in Your service!!!

It’s all for His Glory!!!

Dios te Bendiga,


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