On the road

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We made it to Atlanta.  No problems with the 11 checked bags.  We are waiting for our next flight.

We need prayer already.  Rick and John got bumped off United (not sure how that happens) and transferred to Delta.  Rick just texted to say they are suppose to be on our flight, but they are still in Iowa.  Please pray for their travels!

No matter what, God is in complete control.  Even if we get delays, and the bags don’t make it, we will still be in the “center of God’s Will”.

How small is the world?  Scott was sitting next to a woman who works with the Lyon’s Eye bank.  Check this out…they take corneas and use them for medical purposes.  Exactly what Juana will benefit from.  She offered any help she can.  Who knew!  She actually lives very close to Scott and Kimber.

We will post again when possible.  We love you all very much.

Dios te Bendiga,


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