Mamma's got a shotgun!

Day 2 – Posted by Scott

Today I made my best attempt to act in a way that is contrary to my personality.  I tried to keep my mouth shut (stop laughing Kimber).  It’s amazing what you can learn when your lips aren’t filling the air with useless chatter.

On a practical note, make sure you bring chapstick to Central America.  It’s totally messed up to bleed every time you crack a smile.  I look like a boxer who lost.

Seriously, here are some of the things God reminded me of today during my semi-successful vow of silence.

Solid things are built in layers; trees, pearls and relationships with friends.  I have five years of layers here and I can feel the strength in them.

Great ideas start with random seeds, but don’t get upset if someone else gets picked to cultivate them.  There is no place for jealousy in the kingdom, if you ever want to see anything constructive to get accomplished.

ALL kids deserve good, strong dads.   Bad dads deserve a good, strong attitude adjustment.


Once you give a piece of your heart away, you don’t have the option of getting it back.  It’s a good thing that with Christ our capacity to share our hearts is unlimited.

The Holy Spirit creates instant connections between believers that are infinitely strong.  I guess that really helps if we are going to live together forever.

If God gives you an idea, SHARE IT! If you notice a gift in someone else, INVEST IN IT!  Yes, I mean RIGHT NOW!

You don’t have to speak another person’s language to be able to speak to their heart.

Joy is not dependent on circumstances.  Just ask a Viviana. She is an abandoned momma of three who owns a shotgun and lives behind a steel wall.  Did I mention that she leads worship at church?

Dios te Bendiga,


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