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Posted by Brad 1/19/13

One week from now, we will be in Tecpan, settling into our hotel rooms.  We are all so excited!old-front

The best news, we now know who the family is that we will be building the house for.  Bethel passed along their information, so I thought I would share what we have:

The family has suffered so much.  Due to personal problems the father suffered from years ago, his children haven´t had the chance to study.  No one in the family can read or write.

The father is a bricklayer.  With that money, he sustains his family which is not very much. His wife stays home and takes care of the children and grandchildren.

Their children go out and get fire wood close to the home to be able to cook. They have an outhouse, a well, and wash their clothes and dishes on a stone.  They don´t have electricity.

Thanks to the principal of a local school, we met this family. They saw the necessity of the family who were in bad condition.  Until a new house can be built by the team, they were helped with pieces of wood, tin, plastic and some clothes.


Dad: Mario, 48 years old

Mom: 41 years old

Their children’s names are:

  1. Sara, 18 years old……. Doesn´t work or study.
  2. Lesbia, 17 years old…. Doesn´t work or study.
  3. Claudia, 15 years old… Doesn´t work or study.
  4. Jose, 11 years old…….Doesn´t work or study.
  5. Elmer, 8 months………Is sick and has Pneumonia.

Grandchildren (The mother of the children works in the fields, see gets to see them every 2 week. We don´t have the name of the children’s mother):

  1. Yoni, 4 years old… Is deaf
  2. Miguel, 3 years old.

stove mama

Please join us in praying for this family.  We are so excited to go work alongside Bethel.  One week to go!!!

Dios Te Bendiga,


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