Good news…bad news!

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Inside all good stories, there is good news, and bad news.  Highs and lows.  So, which one should I share first?  Good, or bad?  Well, how about the good!

The good news is that the Kentucky group arrived safely in Guatemala, and have had a great day already.  The bad news?  John and Rick from Iowa have not been so fortunate. 

Rick sent a text to me as we were taxing out to takeoff from Louisville.  I know, I was not supposed to have my portable electronic device on…but I did!  Anyway, he said they had been bumped off United and would be flying to Atlanta, hoping to make our flight.  We arrived in Atlanta, and they were still in Iowa.  We all went to the lounge and had some coffee and snacks.  We boarded…still no news from Rick.  As we were taxing out for takeoff, Rick sent a text saying they had landed in Atlanta and asked if we were still on the ground.  Yes, I had my cell phone on again.  I told Rick we were already gone.

We arrived in Guatemala 30 minutes early.  No problems with customs or immigration.  Amazingly…all eleven bags made it!!!  Unheard of!

We went to Pollo Compero for lunch.  A staple of the Guatemalan diet.

Then, the best part of the whole day.  Chris told me that we were going to visit Juana’s daughters in Chimaltenango.  It truly was the highlight of my day.  They are the most precious girls.  Their eyes lit up, as they knew I was visiting.  I immediately opened up the bags we brought and gave them the special stuffed animals from Juana.  She spent a lot of time recording the message in her own voice.  The minute they pressed the button, their faces began to glow.  Their Mama’s voice…in the room…perfect!



We spent time watching them play, running around, having fun.  Juana’s middle daughter Jackie showed us her school project.  She is making a radio.  Very cool! 

school project

I told them stories of their mamma teaching me to make tortillas in the USA.  They laughed!  What a way to end the afternoon.

We are now at the hotel in Tecpan.  Dinner is being served, so I have to run.

Thank you for your prayers.  They are felt, and greatly appreciated.

Breaking news!  I was just told that John and Rick are due to land in Guatemala at 10:00 tonight.  Because being on the road late at night is dangerous, they will be staying in Chimaltenango tonight, driving up in the morning.  Bummer!

In the end, God is in control.  We have a week ahead of challenges and we need to remember He works all things together for good for those who love Him.  We all love Him…so we’re all OK.

Dios te Bendiga,


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