Day 2…Unexpected Blessing

By Rick, John, Chris

Not that any blessings are expected, but we stumbled across a great need today.   While building the house, we noticed a shack/home tucked away on the ridge above the construction site.

John and Chris took a climb up the hill to see if we could help.      We then went to the van to get a bag of food.  We gave her family a bag of food from Bethel Ministries, including several bags of Kids Against Hunger food packets

Peteronina lives in her small home with 6 children.  No husband.  Petronina shared with us her story.  (Video attached)

3 years ago her family was complete.   She was expecting their 6th child.   Alajandro was born 3 ½ months early.   When he was born, he weighed only 1 pound 4 ounces.    Petronina’s husband told her,  “this baby will be a burden and will not live,  you must kill the baby now”.   She refused.  He told her if she didn’t kill the baby, he would  leave her and the kids.      Again she refused.  (AMEN)

Fast forward to today’s encounter.    Alajandro now is a ROBUST, energetic,  happy,  HEALTHY little boy!   A true MIRACLE!!!     We praised her for her awesome choice to give Alajandro his chance at life.   We discussed how back in the States, when a baby is born even 1 month premature,  they are often in the NICU until they reach the equivalent of full term.    We do not know the details, but we are sure Alajandro did not spend his next 3 months in a Guatemalan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, because it DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!!

Petronina,  thank you for the choice you made.     You knew that by giving Alajandro life,  you would probably endure many hardships.     Thank you for BLESSING US with your story.




Click to see the video of the visit


Dios te Bendiga,

Rick, John and Chris

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