One baby, a coke bottle and a pile of rocks

Day 3 – Posted by Brad – 1-31-12

The week has been so wonderful. Each man in the group is contributing so much to the dynamics. Gary has provided some great insight and wisdom. John came to Guatemala with an open-mind, and has been blown away by what he has seen. I am truly proud of him It has been a true joy to re-connect with Jeff. His love for Guatemala is apparent, and he is like a kid in a candy store during the day. He just seems to soak up everything.Continue reading

Standing with a giant – Day 2

Day 2  Posted by Jeff 1-30-12 As followers of Christ there are moments when your sense of God’s grace leaves you without adequate words, along with a transcendent joy that can’t be properly described. Even when your heart is at its fullest, you understand that you are only grasping faintest sliver of the joy that […]

In country

Posted by Brad 1-29-12

 Day 1 – continued

Group after arriving in GUA


Today worked out better than ever. For the first time, all of our bags made it.


Jeff had arrived about an hour before we did. Saul met us outside and we began the 2-hour ride to Tecpan. The weather has been good, but got rainy later in the evening. The temperature feels great. It is about 65 degrees in the day.Continue reading

Ready, set, go…maybe!

Day 1 Posted by Brad 1-29-12

Men at SDF Airport

Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything goes right, and there are no problems at all? Well, that is the way our day was going. I got up at 4:00 AM, bags already packed. I just had to eat breakfast, take a shower and get in the truck. All that happened, just as planned. I stopped by John’s house to pick him up, and he was ready and waiting. Scott and Gary were at our meeting point early, just waiting for us. There was no line at American check-in (I had to pinch myself). No problems with our luggage either. We bought our coffee, got to the gate early and enjoyed some good conversation. Boarded on time, got nestled in to our seats. First engine started. No problems. Second engine started (do you see what’s coming?)…….problem!!!Continue reading