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Posted by Scott 2-6-12

Monday morning and all is well.  I’m back to work, and I’m 6 hours into the regular routine of the life God blessed me with.  My head is buzzing with thoughts of last week’s activities, but I am back in the “river” of my normal life, and it is pulling me downstream as fast as I can paddle.   Gotta put my heart into words before I’m swept away. For those of you who may have wondered why there were no blog entries from me last week, I wanted to let you know I was purposefully silent.  I was doing my best to listen (which I think I did not do to well).  At the time it seemed as if Brad, Jeff and John were led to share, so I (somewhat selfishly) allowed them to write what they wanted to.  During the few moments I was able to keep my mouth shut I actually learned a few things. I learned that little children living in absolute poverty, sleeping on dirt floors with pigs, have the exact same dreams as my kids.  I learned that destitute widows living in shacks on hillsides need a church family and a Bible study group more than they need a stove or a porch.   I learned that teenage girls without running water or a potty would rather have a daddy than a hot shower or a private place to use the bathroom.  I learned that men’s hearts hardened by 2000 years of oppressive cultural baggage can be broken in a single evening, by one word.   I learned that my dad is still wise and I have plenty left to learn from him.  I learned that our gifts are not for us to open and enjoy, but to bless others with (thank you Jeff).   Most importantly, I learned that I think I have the most wonderful insights , and I am passionately driven to share them,  but the ONLY words that are necessary to say are the ones that come out of God’s mouth.  Amen?! Gracias a Dios! Alleluia! As Juanito would say. I made a vow to Pastor Juan on my way out of the country this year.  I want to make it publicly also.  I told him that I would maintain contact with him through any means possible, and that I would treat the members of his church, my brothers and sisters, the same way I treat the folks at my home church. I have never fully followed through with this before, but this year it seems that it is all that matters.  I indulgently travel to Guatemala to serve with my friends for 7 days every year, but the other 358 days of the year are the most important.  We encouraged them over and over to maintain their “companarismo”, their communion and fellowship among believers, and we are part of that.  Consider this too, one day ALL believers, short and brown or tall and white (and bald) going to be gathered at the throne of God together swapping stories of how we loved on each other.  You’ll recognize us.  Brad will be teaching St. Pete how to use an ipod, Jeff will be handing out Pez, John will be taking cool pictures and my dad will be hanging his head as he watches me act like a crazy chicken.


Adios! Scott

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