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Day 1 Posted by Brad 1-29-12

Men at SDF Airport

Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything goes right, and there are no problems at all? Well, that is the way our day was going. I got up at 4:00 AM, bags already packed. I just had to eat breakfast, take a shower and get in the truck. All that happened, just as planned. I stopped by John’s house to pick him up, and he was ready and waiting. Scott and Gary were at our meeting point early, just waiting for us. There was no line at American check-in (I had to pinch myself). No problems with our luggage either. We bought our coffee, got to the gate early and enjoyed some good conversation. Boarded on time, got nestled in to our seats. First engine started. No problems. Second engine started (do you see what’s coming?)…….problem!!!


The pilot calls up and says they have an “oil pressure problem on one of the engines” (you don’t have to be a pilot to know that’s bad), and that the mechanic will need to look into it. So, we deplane and make our way to our previous conversation point. We wait an hour, the plane is fixed and we blast off for Miami. I am writing this from the airplane going to Miami, and know that our anticipated “leisurely” layover in Miami will be a VERY brisk trot to make it the the exact opposite end of the terminal. But, no worries! Why? God is in charge.


Breaking update……..


We made it early to Miami (way to go American!!!). No problem getting on the train, and we arrived at the gate as they were boarding. I am actually writing this from 35,000 feet on the B737-800 enroute to Miami. Your food cost money, but the Internet is free (go figure).


We should arrive on-time and meet with Jeff, who was also on-time in Atlanta. Chris and Donna’s son-in-law Saul is suppose to pick us up. I guess the next interesting thing will be to see how many of our 8 bags make it there. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Well, God does. That’s good enough for me!


We are along for the ride. I have determined that no amount of worry will fix an airplane. No amount of stress will make the trains run faster. I am looking forward to being a part of God’s plan this week. Sometimes that will involve stressful events I have no control over. Some of us may get sick. A few of our projects may get delayed. Some of the people we are planning to visit may not be home when we visit them. Scott may get tarred and feathered by the children during our Vacation Bible School (that gives me an idea). Once again…not my problem. Often times, it is when plans seem to go wrong, that they are actually going just as God planned.


Dois te Bendiga




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