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Day 6 Posted by Brad 2-4-12

What an amazing day! I am going to keep it brief, as we are leaving the hotel for the airport.

We had an amazing day of visiting families, making friends, discovering needs and fellowship. We started the day by visiting a young man who has been suffering from arthritis. We listened and prayed. His father is a pastor who needs study materials to share the Gospel.

The group then visited with Berta, the wife of Luis. Luis is the alcoholic man we prayed with last year. We are going to install a well for her.

We then had the vacation Bible school. Pastor Juan’s church has 40 children. 160 showed up. It was amazing!!! A lot of fun and laughter. The children’s smiles were amazing.

Juanito jumping rope

We then had the dinner for Juan’s church. Many friends we had made from last year were there. It was awesome to talk with them and share a meal. So many hugs and tears at the end. We will truly miss them.


There is so much more to write. When we get to the airport, we will post more.


Thank you for your prayers. It has been an amazing week. Our hearts are bursting with joy!


Dios te Bendiga,




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