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Posted by Brad 1-29-12

 Day 1 – continued

Group after arriving in GUA


Today worked out better than ever. For the first time, all of our bags made it.


Jeff had arrived about an hour before we did. Saul met us outside and we began the 2-hour ride to Tecpan. The weather has been good, but got rainy later in the evening. The temperature feels great. It is about 65 degrees in the day.

We got to the hotel and settled in. Each of us has a separate room. I had a little surprise when I was in the bathroom. I heard John’s voice like he was in my bedroom. He said that it looked like we would be sharing a bathroom. I was surprised since each room has its own bathroom. He told me again that we would share the bathroom. I finally realized that we shared a common wall, with a little window that opens between the two bathrooms. John was nice enough to pass a roll of toilet paper to me since I did not have any. I guess we can pass notes to each other every day. What a special bond we will have by the end of the week! 🙂

Talking before dinner

We then took a walk and bought some snacks for our rooms. We all met upstairs for a delicious dinner. The cook’s name is Teresa. They make it really special for us.



Our best surprise was that Pastor Juan and his wife Anna visited us tonight. We got to spend some time talking and catching up. It sounds like we will have 2 chances to worship at the church. They are hosting 2 special services on Tuesday and Thursday. We can’t wait.


It was a good day. We are all tired and heading to sleep. Please pray for the week. We will begin installing stoves in homes tomorrow. Each home we visit will give an opportunity to share the Gospel and the love of Christ. I pray for a lot of opportunities!!!


Buenas Noches!




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